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Clouds Competitive Business Edge

Clouds Competitive Business Edge

A recent survey by IBM demonstrated that cloud computing’s strategic business importance for decision-makers, such as HR Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutionsdirectors CFOs, CEOs, and CMOs are for substantial increases from 34% to 72% in the near future.

The IBM survey revealed that only 1 out of 5 organizations are ahead of the curve on cloud adoption. These organizations that have adopted the use of cloud based platforms have gained a competitive edge over the competition in terms of efficiency and cost cutting.

Cloud computing is revolutionizing e-business through delivering game-changing advancements that enable pro-cloud businesses to cover more ground than their competitors. The use of on-premise systems and traditional approaches towards not only sales and marketing but also statistics and training is halting the business operation evolution of many organizations not just those of the timeshare industry.

5 Ways Cloud Computing Gives You a Edge

  1. Increases Operational Efficiency – Improves productivity and volume output while reducing the need for a large work force.
  2. Reduces Infrastructure Expenditure –Pay-as-you-go, yearly, quarterly or weekly subscriptions grant businesses the freedom to easily access data with minimal upfront spending.
  3. Projects Management and Globalization – Global and shared access to data across the board through the cloud has streamlined project management
  4. Optimized Training – In-house training with Smart Wizards on a user friendly platform not only reduce the learning curve by also reduce training costs.
  5. Minimize Licensing New Software – Expand and grow your business without having to purchase expensive software licenses and/or program upgrades.

Over-Hyped Risks

Experts agree that as cloud based computing services are becoming increasingly sophisticated that it is vital for businesses to adopt the cloud in order to maintain a competitive edge. Some businesses are reluctant to adopt the cloud despite its many benefits due to media sensationalism and over hyped risk. Risks that can be eliminated through a few straight forward steps:

  • Compartmentalizing access to data
  • Monitoring who is accessing what data, when are they accessing it and why are they doing so
  • Adding additional security and enabling audit trails for regulatory compliance and forensic investigation
  • Adding advanced analytics and security intelligence layers –  to provide real-time visibility and tracking

Core Business Focus

There is no denying that cloud based computing gives an organization a business edge. Cloud computing is rapidly evolving the way that we do business. Companies are incorporating the cloud wherever their services can be transferred via internet. The cloud facilitates the out-sourcing of IT services to third-party via internet. Enabling companies to focus on the core of their business, save time and money while extending them the freedom to allocate IT personnel and resources elsewhere which is of course the goal of every business.

Alliances Sales & Marketing Solutions- tablets

Why Tablets Are Awesome

Why Tablets Are Awesome

Alliances Sales & Marketing Solutions- tablets

Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions takes a look at the benefits and advantages of tablet computers. This article gives you ten reasons why you need a tablet in your life. If you don’t own a tablet it is probably because you are yet to discover the added value tablets bring to every day life. Whether for business use, or just plain entertainment during your down time, the benefits and advantages of tablets streamline your day to day activities.

“Tablets are the present days representation of the pasts inconceivable future, which makes tablets super cool”

Ten reasons why you need a tablet in you life

  1. Sharing photos on tablets is not only easy but also fun. The interactive nature of displaying photos on tablets makes the whole experience much more dynamic and enjoyable. This particular benefit of tablets crosses over to presentation and more precisely the people who depend on presentations to sell products. Timeshare, real estate and other mobile sales personnel should all be capitalizing on the benefits and advantages of tablets. Tablets represent an interactive mobile platform from which to instantly present your product to your target audience.
  2. E-readers love the benefits and advantages of tablets. Large high resolutions screens makes tablets great e-readers. The ability to store multiple books, download PDFs and a bright full colour display is yet another reason why you need a tablet in your life.
  3. Another advantage of tablets are the travel benefits that they provide. Whipping out a tablet at the airport or bus station to check your ticket or travel itinerary is substantially easier than firing up a lap top. Tablets are much lighter and also take up considerably less space than most laptops. They are compatible with Wi-Fi and 3G networks which makes accessing the internet possible almost anywhere.
  4. Tablets are like a digital Swiss army knife which basically means their possibilities are endless. You can check your Gmail or Facebook accounts, breeze through your calender or use a calculator to convert currency on a big full colour screen whilst sitting in a cafe.
  5. For basic digital activities tablets are superior to most laptops in terms of sheer convenience and mobility. Unless you need to do a lot of typing, a tablet is a great versatile substitute for a laptop. 
  6. Tablets  do not freeze or crash that often. Especially compared to most laptops or PCs. Even in the off chance that they did freeze or crash, simply restarting them is enough to get the ball rolling again.
  7. A Tablet is cheaper than a notebook or new laptop.
  8. Tablets are great for presentations and sharing photos, which also makes them great versatile tools for meetings. Not only do tablets allow you to present relative information quickly during a meeting, but also record and take notess.
  9. In terms of convenience and practicality, its hard to match tablets when its comes to watching movies. If you feel like watching “Fight club” by the swimming pool, or keeping the kids quiet during a road trip with “Surfs up” then the tablet is your weapon of choice for entertainment. Tablets have a large amount of storage space which allows for multiple movies and thousands of songs to be stored on your convenient little entertainment device.
  10. Tablets are super cool. Imagine 15 years ago if somebody told you that one day you would be able to watch movies on something the size of a note pad. That this futuristic device would have a high resolution screen that was activated by touch and that you would be able to access something called the “Internet” from practically anywhere. That you could store thousands of photos and listen to and endless list of music without having to carry around 20 kg worth of CD’s. You would have probably laughed them out of your house and continued rewinding the movie “Highlander” on your videocassette record. Tablets are the present days representation of the pasts inconceivable future, which makes tablets super cool.

If you were previously on the fence on the subject… then perhaps after reading about the ten benefits and advantages of tablets, you have a better idea of their real-life value, and why you need a tablet in your life. Further related articles of interest from the Alliances That Work press release sections include  “iPad versus Android” and many others.







Cloud Computing Environmentally Friendly

Cloud Computing Environmentally Friendly

Cloud Computing Environmentally Friendly

Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions investigates the environmentally friendly benefits and advantages of cloud computing solutions. Cloud computing is a surprisingly green solution that aids its users in reducing their businesses carbon foot print. In the lieu of recent studies on the environmental impact of cloud computing, every business that has crossed over to the cloud can consider themselves an ally of the environment. Studies have presented evidence that enterprises can cut their C02 emissions by as much as 30,000 metric tons, over a five year period by transferring their HR application to a public cloud. This is the equivalent of removing 6000 automobiles off of the highway. Cloud computing presents a huge opportunity for energy saving, from both direct power expenses and indirect measures. Cloud computing solutions such as Alliance iTeam created by Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions  are paving the the path to a greener future.

“The viability of technological innovations are and will always be limited by the constraints of finite resources. Green solutions represent the only real long term answer in term of sustainability” Heather Guffin, Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions CEO and president.

Green Cloud

The benefit of Data Sharing Centers is that they require less machines to achieve the equivalent output as in-house set-ups. Eliminating the necessity of in-house servers means no need for manufacturing and shipping of infrastructure and its associated costs. For a large number of rack servers to perform at optimal level, their environment has to be meticulously monitored and regulated to ensure that conditions are conducive to allow peak performance. Seeing as SDC´s (shared data centres) consolidate the overall cost of climate control, transferring an on premise infrastructure set-up to a SDC not only reduces your costs but is a green solution that makes your business more environmentally friendly.

The nature of storage and server infrastructure utilized by SDC´s or Large Data Centres, and the sheer energy demand, forces SDC´s to constantly advance and upgrade their infrastructure in order to streamline their operation. Shared Data Centres can tap resources that allow them to upgrade energy-saving equipment and building systems, where as small businesses lack the resources to do so. Resource pooling facilities reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and reduce capital expenditure on IT resources and ultimately streamline the power and storage component of your business.

Digital Waste

Cloud computing does have its own dark cloud looming over its glowing appeal, in the form of digital waste. Just like most processes, cloud computing is not exempt from generating by-products or in this case digital waste. The sheer volume of active data passing through a cloud platform everyday requires a large amount of highly competent servers to support the necessary data flow, processing and required service. The large servers themselves also, need to be maintained in an environment which extracts humidity while cooling the servers to prevent over heating.

“The accumulation of digital waste has radically increased over the last few years as storage of information such as E-mails, photos and video files have translocated to the online realm.” Heather Guffin.

Not only is there a vast amount of active data passing through the cloud but also inactive, obsolete information which is no longer used. Vast amounts of digital waste can accumulate quickly in large businesses and pose long term problems for SDC´s. The digital waste also requires server usage, which in turn requires server power and the conditions that maximize server performance and the mechanisms that regulate those conditions.

As cloud computing evolves so too will its protocols for identifying and disposing of digital waste and therefore reducing the impact of your digital footprint.

“The responsibility ultimately fall upon our shoulders. How many pages of read E-mails sit un-used in your Gmail account?, how many photos and video files are scattered over your timeline on Facebook? We are all guilty of e-hording and if we were to re-trace our online steps back through our digital timeline it would be a path littered with e-waste” Heather Guffin.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

To understand the potential advantage of cloud computing in more detail, it is important to look at the distinct factors contributing to a lower per-user carbon footprint. These factors apply across cloud providers in general and are even relevant for many on-premise scenarios. This level of understanding can thus help IT executives target additional efficiency gains in an on-premise environment and realize additional performance advantages in the future. Generally speaking, the comparatively smaller carbon footprint of cloud computing is a consequence of both improved infrastructure efficiency and a reduced need for IT infrastructure to support a given user base.

Crossing over to the cloud isn’t just saving you on costs its saving the planet too.

By  Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions

Alliance iTeam

GNEX 2014 – Alliance iTeam Cloud Solution

Alliance iTeam at GNEX 2014

Alliance iTeam GNEX


By Alliances That Work


GNEX 2014

The official date and platform for the launch of Alliance iTeam will be next year at GNEX 2014, but already Alliance iTeam is creating quite a buzz within the timeshare industry. During ARDA 2013 and also the AMDETUR event in Mexico City , the Alliances That Work cloud solution received a surprising amount of attention considering its then early stage of development. The cloud based computing system solution represents the only cloud solution specifically created for timeshare sales and marketing businesses in the market to date and will be exhibited at GNEX 2014 by Alliances That WorkAlliance Sales & Marketing Solutions.

“The benefits of cloud computing such as scalability, cost reduction, productivity, automation and infinite storage are vast and constantly evolving but… Alliance iTeam is the first Cloud computing solution specifically designed for the timeshare industry, which means not just its benefits but also its possibilities are endless” Heather Guffin, President and C.E.O. of Alliances That Work – Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions.

Alliance iTeam is far beyond any application available in the market for timeshare companies today, it is a multi-functional solution that addresses all the major sales and marketing components of a timeshare business. It is the perfect high performance solution to quickly streamline your business, increase efficiency and grow revenue.

The Cloud is Greener

First of all the cloud solution will reduce business expenditure in regards to infrastructure that is necessary to power a business such as servers and storage. The removal of the on-premise infrastructure principle not only radically reduces costs of purchasing and maintaining the machinery but also helps the environment through virtualization. Virtualization requires less infrastructure and ergo less energy consumption.

Imagine 20 buses travelling down a highway each carrying a single person, this is the infrastructure principle of on-premise computing. Now imagine a single bus traveling down the same highway carrying 20 people this is the virtualization of infrastructure utilized through cloud computing and more specifically iTeam.

Virtualization is the base technology for deploying cloud infrastructure that enables a lone physical server to simultaneously run numerous operating system images. Server virtualization possesses inherently green advantages through acting as an enabler of consolidation which helps to reduces the overall physical server carbon foot print.


Alliance iTeam operates on a pay-as-you-go basis which means that you only pay for what you use, making iTeam an economically green solution. You can access the iTeam cloud-based applications and services without buying additional and/or managing existing in-house infrastructure or software.

The pay-as-you-go nature and reduction in energy consumption of iTeam, means that your business will be able to cut expenses, reduce operating costs and generate more profit while adopting an environmentally friendly approach to business operation.

Enhanced Sales Tours

The Alliances iTeam application provides your sales team with an easy to follow step-by-step process of executing the most successful sales tour. The use of advanced Global Positioning Satellite technology enables the Alliance iTeam cloud application to pin-point and track the movements of sales personnel as they conduct the timeshare sales tour. Not only does Alliance iTeam monitor the time and location of team members during the tour but it also prompts the sales person to utilize unique key selling. At each section of the tour the sales representative will be prompted to deliver the specific sales points, that iTeam deems most relevant for success, based upon the data acquired through the psycho analysis of the customer.

Training Sales Personnel

The use of advanced GPS technology to track sales team members and provide sales pitch prompts also crosses over well into the training of new potential sales team members by filtering out those who lack the aptitude to follow automated tour instructions.

The tour sales pitch prompts and instructions are based upon actual data, designed to maximize sale productivity. Sales tours can be logistically expensive and Alliance iTeam ensures that only the most suitable sellers conduct your sales tours.

Interactive Pitch Books

One of the many versatile tools provided through the Alliance iTeam cloud are fully customizable and interactive pitch books, compatible with any web enabled device. The digital pitch books allow you to individualize the sales experience of the consumer. Customizable pitch books which are fully interactive demonstrate the quantum leap in advancement of sales assistance that Alliance iTeam offers.

Colourful high definition pictures and catchy content that can be displayed on any device from iPad, Android, Mac or PC. The high-tech delivery methods and buying incentives provided through interactive pitch books substantially engage customers more than their leather backed cousins.

The benefits of digital pitch books our huge, especially considering that any error or necessary change can be immediately addressed without the hassle and expense of reprinting your entire batch of pitch books.

Customer Relationship Management

The timeshare business is contact based and revolves around client interaction, therefore a highly efficient and functional CRM system that doesn’t break the bank is crucial. Alliance iTeam provides a Customer Relationship Management solution without the steep installation, maintenance and software costs. The CRM solution enables you to more precisely track, connect and interact with leads and customers and represents an legitimate investment for any timeshare sales or marketing business.

Alliance iTeam CRM app tracks your entire businesses operation, customer updates, potential leads, contacts, real time analytic´s, workflow forecasts potential and actual customers, leads and business expansion opportunities. Eliminating the necessity of expensive software investments and keeping your business mobile in an environment that demands no less. The CRM app Offers multi-solution approach to CRM for timeshare businesses while dramatically decreasing costs and eliminates the disconnect between your business and its customer`s.

Marketing Through Heuristic Algorithms

Alliance iTeam incorporates advanced heuristic algorithms in order to open new markets that would have potentially been overlooked. Utilizing heuristic algorithms in order to surveil and analyse online behavioral patterns means that Alliances That Work iTeam is able to locate and connect with profitable consumers while bypassing dead end consumers.

Alliance iTeams heuristic algorithms will also be able to offer analytic´s into the reasoning behind its differentiation between a profitable consumer and a dead end consumer. The AI marketing solution offers insights into consumer behaviour whilst online, providing valuable data on which to base your marketing campaign.

The AI Interactive point-of-marketing app further adds to your marketing arsenal, as a multi-solution based dashboard. The AI app acts as the command center for your entire marketing operation including budget, demographics, campaign direction, analytic´s, target base and consumer insights.

Psycho-graphic Analysis

The Alliance iTeam patented Psycho-Graphic Analysis creates an overview of your customer, detailing sales critical information such as age, marital Status, income level, personality type, city of residents, number of children, city of birth and probable obstacles to the sale

The personal information is processed through Alliance iTeams Psycho-Graphic Analysis and is then instantly evaluated to provide your sales team member with vital information such as, customer comfort level, Interest level, necessary sales path, probable buying obstacles, suitable rebuttal and hot buttons.

Psycho-graphic analysis of every customer is a powerful sales closing tool, allowing you to increase comfort level, evaluate financial capabilities and provide a positive rebuttal for every negative response.

The Alliance iTeam Psycho-graphic Analysis solution provides an answer to the conundrum of whether to train your staff in-house or simply out-source their training. Out-sourcing the training of your sales team is expensive and time consuming, while in-house training can be of a lesser quality than out-sourcing.

Real time on-site data gathered through psycho-graphic analysis of sales presentation and tours coupled with the GPS sale pitch prompts, present an opportunity for in-house training. Providing your business with all the necessary tools, data and sales facts to facilitate quality a in-house training program and enhance the performance of your sales team.

Enhancing The Timeshare Industry

The first cloud based solution of its kind within the timeshare industry, featuring multiple applications to enhance every sales and marketing aspect of your business, has arrived in the form of Alliance iTeam.

During the global meeting of minds next year at GNEX 2014, Alliances That Work along with the Association of Timeshare Recyclers will be demonstrating the mulit-functional and highly versatile cloud computing based timeshare solution, that will take sales and marketing of the timeshare industry to new heights.

“The only “must-have” timeshare focused cloud based solution in the industry today is Alliance iTeam, that´s why it is creating such a buzz among industry professionals” Heather Guffin, President and C.E.O. of Alliances That Work – Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions.

Further reading on Alliances That WorkAlliance Sales & Marketing Solutions at GNEX 2014









Alliances That Work

Cloud Data Privacy Issue

On-premise VS Cloud Data Storage

Cloud Data Privacy Issue

Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions  look at the on-premise vs cloud computing privacy and information ownership debate. Thiss is a hot topic among those who oppose cloud computing and others who remain hesitant to switch from on-premise computing to the cloud. The root cause of opposition stems from the very nature of cloud computing and more specifically the intimate nature of SaaS (Software as a Service). SaaS vendors supply a service which requires a close relationship between consumer and host or rather customer and vendor.

The SaaS vendor has the ability to log and review every action that their customers make while interacting on the vendors software platform. Each time a customer accesses an account, every key stroke, mouse click, digital finger print and duration of use can be logged and monitored. This aspect of digital surveillance from a source outside of your immediate business circle represents the vast gulf between those who adopt cloud computing and those who shun the new era in favour of traditional on-premise computing.

“Technological development specifically in the case of online consumer services, produce a by-product, and this by-product is the surrender of privacy in the form of personal information. The more personal information a consumer surrenders the more vendors can create consumer specific products, which is ultimately what we all want… a product that we actually want.” Heather Guffin

There is considerable concern within E-business and IT circles regarding the ownership of data. Seeing as businesses that have crossed over the river from on-premise to cloud computing store their data via a third party platform, the debate as to who owns ownership rights has flared up forcing vendors to take action.

Cloud Data Privacy Issue

Cloud vendors such as Amazon are eliminating consumer concerns over data ownership by introducing clearly defined language into their user contracts; “Your Applications, Data and Content. Other than the rights and interests expressly set forth in this Agreement, and excluding Amazon Properties and works derived from Amazon Properties, you reserve all right, title and interest (including all intellectual property and proprietary rights) in and to Your Content.” The idea that a higher power is tracking your every move seems to be an unsettling notion. The truth is that this is not exactly the case with cloud computing and even if it were, it would be nothing new.

“On the other hand it provides an excellent opportunity for CRM development since every data update can be recorded and the information made available to other relevant with the same business connection. Allowing a richer stream of real time data flowing between the concerned users” Heather Guffin

Volunteering Personal Information Daily

For years, billions of people have been entrusting banks to safe guard their life savings by extending banking entities certain privileges in order to grant them the flexibility and necessary tools to more effectively do so. As financial enterprises need to share customer personal information in order to run their everyday business logistics. Over the years we have relinquished are formed grip on privacy to allow financial entities such as banks the ability to record, access and share our personal and financial information. Such data includes, Social Security number, employment information, account balances, assets and investment experience, transaction history and credit information.

Over 1.5 billion users openly permit a popular social media site, to store and publicly display personal information such as name, age, date of birth, place of birth, current city, hobbies, martial status, place of work, telephone number, E-mail address, names and locations of friends and family members and also personal photos. The same site is also permitted to track and display the IP location of the user and record every location that they have visited while highlighting and promoting every action that user makes while accessing their cloud.

Swiss Cloud

Cloud computing is developing rapidly especially in terms of CRM and responding to the needs of current consumers and breaking down potential barriers effecting consumer cross over from on-premise computing to cloud. Just how financial entities such as those in Luxembourg, Lebanon, Singapore and most famously of all Switzerland generated methods to maintain the anonymity and privacy of their clients so to have cloud vendors. Vendors are now starting to see the benefit of operating SaaS set-ups under a Swiss bank premise, and the added appeal and new client generation that such an logic attracts.

The “Swiss Cloud” vendors are the only vendors in their sectors that do not have access to customer data. By operating on a cookie-less architecture and implementing patent pending encryption technology, ensures that nobody not even vendor employees can access any customer data. The customer has sole ownership of the encryption key which radically reduces the chance of system breach.

On-Premise versus Cloud Privacy

The gulf between on-premise and cloud computing is rapidly shrinking as cloud computing continues to evolve and cloud vendors relentlessly crash through barriers that prevent mass adoption. As vendors continue to implement the use of cookie-less architecture and encryption technology to place a firm separation between client information and the vendor itself, the appeal of cloud computing will carry on its experiential auspicious growth. by product of technology