Clouds Competitive Business Edge

Clouds Competitive Business Edge

A recent survey by IBM demonstrated that cloud computing’s strategic business importance for decision-makers, such as HR Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutionsdirectors CFOs, CEOs, and CMOs are for substantial increases from 34% to 72% in the near future.

The IBM survey revealed that only 1 out of 5 organizations are ahead of the curve on cloud adoption. These organizations that have adopted the use of cloud based platforms have gained a competitive edge over the competition in terms of efficiency and cost cutting.

Cloud computing is revolutionizing e-business through delivering game-changing advancements that enable pro-cloud businesses to cover more ground than their competitors. The use of on-premise systems and traditional approaches towards not only sales and marketing but also statistics and training is halting the business operation evolution of many organizations not just those of the timeshare industry.

5 Ways Cloud Computing Gives You a Edge

  1. Increases Operational Efficiency – Improves productivity and volume output while reducing the need for a large work force.
  2. Reduces Infrastructure Expenditure –Pay-as-you-go, yearly, quarterly or weekly subscriptions grant businesses the freedom to easily access data with minimal upfront spending.
  3. Projects Management and Globalization – Global and shared access to data across the board through the cloud has streamlined project management
  4. Optimized Training – In-house training with Smart Wizards on a user friendly platform not only reduce the learning curve by also reduce training costs.
  5. Minimize Licensing New Software – Expand and grow your business without having to purchase expensive software licenses and/or program upgrades.

Over-Hyped Risks

Experts agree that as cloud based computing services are becoming increasingly sophisticated that it is vital for businesses to adopt the cloud in order to maintain a competitive edge. Some businesses are reluctant to adopt the cloud despite its many benefits due to media sensationalism and over hyped risk. Risks that can be eliminated through a few straight forward steps:

  • Compartmentalizing access to data
  • Monitoring who is accessing what data, when are they accessing it and why are they doing so
  • Adding additional security and enabling audit trails for regulatory compliance and forensic investigation
  • Adding advanced analytics and security intelligence layers –  to provide real-time visibility and tracking

Core Business Focus

There is no denying that cloud based computing gives an organization a business edge. Cloud computing is rapidly evolving the way that we do business. Companies are incorporating the cloud wherever their services can be transferred via internet. The cloud facilitates the out-sourcing of IT services to third-party via internet. Enabling companies to focus on the core of their business, save time and money while extending them the freedom to allocate IT personnel and resources elsewhere which is of course the goal of every business.

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