iPad versus Android

ipad vs android

Machine warfare

In the machine warfare feud between the Apple iPad and Android tablets, both sides are wrestling for supremacy in a battle defined through technological advancements, style and functionality and there does´t appear to be an alliance forming anytime soon.

Apples iPad still holds the majority market share while the gulf between iPad and Android devices appears to be shrinking. It would appear that Android device advancements are quickly closing the distance with future predictions of perhaps overtaking the Apple iPad alliance in terms of market share and ending the reign of market supremacy that Apple has held since the introduction of the very first iPad in 2010.

iPad versus Android

The iPad is a product spawned by the trusted alliance of the Apple brand and is considerably user friendly and apt for young professionals. Featuring the latest new age eye friendly retina display giving the iPad a bright and immensely readable screen. Coupled with an incredibly lightweight design that allows you to hold the iPad in one hand. E-reading is an especially strong area for the iPad due to the ease of downloading books and formatted text files, making the iPad a real winner in the “user friendly” department. Surfing the Internet has never been so convenient as long as you can get a WI FI connection you can literally open your iPad and be connected to the Internet in under a minute. The iPad is a formidable travel companion lightweight, space efficient meaning it can be whipped out in an instant which is especially useful when faced with a business or travel emergency also it is great for watching movies on those lonely nights alone in your hotel room, and for those partial to photography it provides an interactive platform for showing off your holiday pictures.

App superiority

What really separates the two and perhaps the most important factor in the ongoing machine feud is not the devices themselves but it is in fact the Apps that the devices support. In this area the margin of distance between the two devices is quite substantial. Despite cameras, processors, memory and performance comparisons what really matters is the everyday use and functionality of the product.

Finding credible Android tablet apps could be described as arduous at best especially compared to the vast amount of functional iPad Apps that are readily available which at the moment is more than 65,000 available Apps. Despite the claims that Apps function on Android devices this unfortunately does not mean that they were indeed specifically designed to function on Android devices. Most Apps were designed for much smaller 4 inch screens and are therefore not functional for larger devices. For the mainstream consumer market who´s preferences lie with user friendly and functionally superior devices this may not be a such an attractive trait, though there will always be the hardcore tech geeks who remain indifferent to the apparently volatile compatibility of Android apps and are more than happy to experiment.

On the other hand the amount of available Apps that have been specifically designed to be utilized on the iPad runs in the high thousands. There are over 65,000 Apps available for the iPad. Everything from Apps that can measure your blood pressure and maximum heart rate to Apps that will help you manage your business more efficiently. Apple is truly the uncrowned king of the App´s.

Apple continues its brand domination partially due to consumer belief in their product and they seem to be able to deliver products that the consumers want. Though nothing in the technological realm is timeless in a competitive market, but something can be said for brand power and familiarity and that is what gives Apple a competitive edge over their competitors.

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