Heather Guffin

Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions was formed in 2008, by company president and CEO, Heather Guffin, to serve as a launch pad for innovative solutions for sales and marketing operations the world over.

Heather, who had just successfully completed an experimental project with industry giant Grupo Mayan, which grossed over $70 million dollars in previously lost sales, was motivated to apply the same principals behind the success of her project to the timeshare industry in general. Heather's belief that sales is a science, versus an art, has lead to the successful launch of multiple new companies geared specifically towards solving the unique issues that exist within the timeshare industry today.

Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions actively looks for opportunities to collaborate with its' clients on a daily bases to identify key issues, and to find or create their solutions. Alliance's extreme commitment to service can be seen in their unofficial mission statement, which is to "become every developer's most valued friend, partner, and ally".