Cloud Adoption

Adopting a Cloud

Cloud Adoption

 “The mass adoption of cloud computing by main-stream companies has dampened  uncertainty, but the majority of critics still hold their anti-cloud stance” Heather Guffin of Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions

Cloud computing has steadily been growing in popularity and acceptance, mainly due to its incorporation by major companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Google. Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions investigate the black and white view on cloud computing. Main-stream companies are boosting the appeal of the cloud not only through investing heavily in marketing campaigns to highlight its user-friendly nature, vast benefits and functionality but, also through leading by example. Numerous high-profile consumer-orientated companies have transferred their IT resources and operations from traditional computing models to cloud computing platforms, therefore legitimizing the so called “hype” and authenticating the effectiveness of cloud platforms and related products.

Horizon Full of Clouds

Despite the fact that millions of people are obliviously using cloud computing daily, there are many who still perceive the cloud negatively. The negative perception towards the cloud is fueled by a lack of understanding and a factor of uncertainty in security and fears of interchangeability complications, vendor lock-in and the potential target presented by accumulative data storage for cyber vandals and hackers. There are still those in the IT realm that when believe that total control of hardware, software and storage is paramount to security and the only way to operate. Cloud host vendors are faced with a somewhat monumental task of converting IT cloud naysayers to pro-cloud consumers.

Near enough every business wants to know that their sensitive data is safe and secure. Most C.E.O.s prefer to keep profitable and sensitive data on a personal computer or secure hard drive. This approach is a static form of data protection and is in fact less secure than a cloud facility. Cloud data centers bounce information from one location to another via encrypted forms of communication utilizing command security teams, fail-safe protocols for backup protection and power surge events and advanced analytic s and heavy-duty monitoring packages. This formidable array of advanced tools is what makes the cloud safer than most office and business facilities. Due to this advanced level of security more and more main stream businesses are switching over to the cloud.

Cloud isn’t an over-hyped marketing buzz-word, instead it is quite simply a “paradise of infinite storage and possibility” for the countless businesses that are in demand for such” Heather Guffin President and C.E.O. of Alliances That Work

Crossing The River

Many businesses and clients are labouring under the illusion that making the switch to the Cloud will inevitably disrupt their business. On the contrary, what makes cloud computing so appealing is that the transitional period from traditional computing to the cloud is relatively quick and easy. In fact jumping over to the cloud will save your business from future disruptions by stabilizing your system operations through eliminating maintenance disruptions via automatic upgrades and systematic updates and hardware replacement.

We are inherently creatures of routine, we enjoy the daily cycles of repetition that give us a sense of security and safety, and with that being said many businesses are simply afraid of change, afraid to cross over the river. Many businesses would rather be forced to change than willingly make the decision. So for the time being countless companies will continue to forego the benefits in security, cost reductions, scalability, performance and functionality that cloud computing represents until the market place has developed to such a point where traditional computing systems are effectively incompatible models to generate profit in a highly evolved market place.


In conclusion, although there are numerous business leaders that will label cloud as an over-hyped marketing buzz word, major businesses such as Google, Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft have willingly entered into the cloud. Foregoing the available tools and benefits presented by cloud platforms and its related computing applications is not just detrimentally limiting the functionality of your business but your business itself.

“Cloud computing is the future of business, you may not like it, but then again you may not like flying either but, it is still the most efficient method of going from A to B and that’s why you do it” says Heather Guffin President and C.E.O. of Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions.

Opposition towards cloud computing could be compared to opposing the banking system and opting to keep your life savings at home or at the office, rather than enjoy the benefits of high-level security, worldwide access and insurance. Opposition towards the cloud does not represent a permanent barrier, in fact a huge majority of people who oppose cloud computing already knowingly or unknowingly enjoy the benefits of high-level security and world wide access via their daily interactions with Gmail and Facebook. The bottom line is that the “Cloud” debate doesn’t have to be black or white.

 “You don´t have to completely let go of one branch of computing before you have a firm grip on the next branch. You can transfer your business operation into the cloud and still maintain a minimal presence of on premise IT resources for your own piece of mind”

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