iTeam Timeshare Solution

Alliance iTeam Solution

iTeam Timeshare Solution

“Alliance iTeam provides smart solutions that strengthen your business while boosting efficiency”

Alliance iTeam was created for the timeshare industry by timeshare professionals.The cloud computing based system is user friendly with straightforward, easy to use tools. Alliances iTeam does not require the user to purchase additional software or hardware as everything the user needs is supplied through the host.

Operating on a pay-as-you-go basis without locking users into lengthy contracts gives the user more freedom, to pay for what they are actually using, and using iTeam is as straightforward as purchasing an item on iTunes.

The ROI (Return on Investment) with Alliance iTeam is huge, not just through the initial cost reduction of running your business but also through the inevitable increase in sales production. The initial cost reduction comes from the fact that iTeam eliminates the need for large investments in hardware and software plus the maintenance requirements that accompany them. The necessary servers, storage devices, software and associated infrastructure are all supplied by the Alliance iTeam Cloud.

The user friendly nature of the cloud system means that your employees and sales team will actually use it and, the interactive, highly compatible mobile capabilities of iTeam means they can use it no matter where they are. The multi-solution based system enhances all areas of your business including the major pillars:

 Sales & Training

“Someone will make a sale today, either you will sell the product to your customer, or they will sell you the reason as to why they can´t buy it. Alliance iTeam gives you the resources and win-win solutions that allow you to out sell your customers every time”

Increasing sales is the number one objective of every business and often the most difficult to achieve. Alliance iTeam is a multi-solution system that addresses the five pillars of your business, marketing, CRM, admin & statistics and sales. The Alliance iTeam patented psycho-graphic analysis creates an overview of your customer, detailing sales critical information such as:

  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Income level
  • Personality type
  • City of residents
  • Number of children
  • City of birth
  • Probable obstacles to the sale

The personal information is processed through Alliance iTeams psycho-graphic analysis and is then instantly evaluated to provide your sales team member with vital information such as:

  • Customer comfort level
  • Interest level
  • Necessary sales path
  • Probable buying obstacles
  • Suitable rebuttals
  • probable hot buttons

All of these factors contribute towards the sales process, everybody who attends a sales presentation or tour, does so with an undercurrent of desire to buy. One idea that the psycho-graphic analysis is based upon is finding the most effective method of bringing that desire to the surface. The individual psycho-graphic analysis of every customers is a powerful sales closing tool, allowing you to raise their comfort level, evaluate their financial capabilities, and providing a positive rebuttal for every negative response. The Alliance iTeam psycho-graphic analysis provides the necessary propulsion to expand the gap between you and your competitors through spiking your sales curve.

Insightful data acquired from psycho-graphic analysis of sales presentation tours also presents an opportunity for in-house training. Out-sourcing the training of your sales team can be an expensive and time consuming affair, while in-house training can be of a lower quality then outsourcing and also a somewhat arduous environment where top sellers are reluctant to disclose or share their sales strategies. Using the psycho-graphic analysis app you are able to train your staff based on real statistics, including exactly how much time they should spend at each location during the tour and what selling points should be utilized or skipped depending on the personality type and desires of the customer.

The iTeam App composes a step-by-step process to executing a sales tour, using advanced GPS to track the movements of sales team members along the tour and prompting them to utilize key selling points. This particular method also translate extremely well into the training of potential team members by filtering out those who lack the aptitude to follow automated tour instructions, based upon actual data, designed to maximize sale productivity. Sales tours can be logistically expensive and Alliance iTeam ensures that only the most suitable sellers conduct your sales tours.

One size does not fit all, fully customizable and interactive pitch books that are universally compatible with a vast array of devices allow you to individualize the sales experience of the consumer. Totally customizable pitch books which are fully interactive demonstrate the quantum leap in advancement of sales assistance that Alliance iTeam offers. A multitude of colourful high definition pictures and catchy content that comprise the solutions pitch books can be displayed on any device from iPad, Android, Mac or PC. The high-tech delivery methods of buying incentives provided through interactive pitch books substantially engage customers more than their paper predecessors.

The days of weathered, cracked leather covers and faded photos of pitch books is at an end. The advantages of digital pitch books our vast, especially considering that any error of necessary change can be dealt with instantaneously without the hassle and expense of reprinting your entire batch of pitch books.

Alliances Sales and Marketing Solutions knows that “one size, does not fit all” hence our fully customizable pitch book allowing you to personalize the individual experience of your customer. Tailoring the sales experience under the guidance of the Alliance iTeam psycho-graphic Analysis greatly empowers your sales team.

Customer Relationship Management

“Timeshare is a “contact sport” where customer contact, understanding and connection is key in establishing trust and ultimately closing the sale”

The importance of lead and customer focus cannot be overstated in today`s volatile financial climate, therefore a CRM solution that doesn’t involve steep installation, maintenance and software costs, which also enables you to better track and connect with leads and customers is a legitimate investment.

Alliance iTeam CRM application tracks your entire businesses operation and also your potential and actual customers, leads and business expansion opportunities. The powerful CRM application eliminates the necessity of expensive software investments and keeps your business mobile in an environment that demands no less.

The CRM Application offers a multi solution approach to CRM for timeshare industry businesses. Our CRM system radically reduces costs and is based upon a pay as you go model. Through the elimination of software and hardware requirements, our CRM systems allows you to quick start, the initiation process and gives you the freedom to start more effectively managing your business.

Accessing and managing your customer information is a quick and straightforward process, as everything from potential leads, customer information, contacts and real time analytic s plus workflow forecasts are all accessible through the Alliance iTeam CRM cloud. Our Customer Relation Management Application enables you to completely control what`s happening with your business.

The CRM application eliminates all disconnect between your business and its customer`s, tracking and connecting with customers while mobile has never been easier. The AI application supplies your sales team with real time customer updates as they occur over the customer time line.

Administration & Statistics  

“Statistics speak volumes about the actual reality of your business… Alliance iTeam tracks and records every movement of your sales team during a tour then, compares the data to success rates to determine pass/fail patterns”

Alliances iTeam breaks down the selling process of every single member of your sales team. The system creates correlations between the success rates of your sellers against their particular tour style. Using advanced GPS technology, the system will be able to track and record the exact route and time spent in the different sections of the tour.

The sales success of a tour is not just predominantly based upon the prowess of the sales person, but also upon the tour and time management. Customers that spend the majority of the tour at sections that they consider desirable have a higher likelihood of buying.

The iTeam solution breaks down the statistics of each and every tour, evaluates the data and determines the ideal tour time. The system then deciphers the amount of time spent at different sections of the tour and evaluates what sections of the tour should be “time prioritized” by your sales team. Overall the system determines exactly how long the duration of the tour should last and exact amount of time your sales team you spend at different sections.

iTeam is the ultimate tool to automatically analyse sales tour statistics, assign time prioritization protocols to certain sections, and ensure that the tour itself does not exceed the pre-determined timeframe for success. The systems generates through the accumulation of real time data, a time prioritization formula that will rapidly and significantly increases your sales productivity.

The Alliance iTeam admin solution seamlessly integrates with your current system. It is immense in terms of scalability and provides constant updates and maintenance checks automatically, allowing AI to not only grow your business but grow with it. The expenses that your company accumulates could be radically reduced while sharply steepening your businesses sales curve. The assembly line approach that Alliances That Work iTeam incorporates ensures that the quality and precision of data that is entered into your system and accessed by your sales team is of the highest level.

The entry of precision data into your system supplies your sales team with the greatest chance of closing a sale. Timeshare is a “contact sport” where customer understanding and relations is critical. Every business knows that time is money and committing personnel to countless hours of repetitive data entry is essentially a waste of both. Alliance iTeam works on the basis of refining customer data and automating data entry to ensure that no user enters the same data twice.


Alliance iTeam provides solutions that empower you to grow your business through superior marketing. The number one priority of every business should arguably be marketing, as minimal brand awareness and a low level of consumer cognition about your product, inevitably leads to low sales productivity.

Alliance iTeam uses advanced heuristic algorithms to open new markets that would have potentially been overlooked or simply labelled as dead markets. Utilizing heuristic algorithms in order to observe and analyse online behavioral patterns means that Alliances That Work iTeam is able to locate and connect with Profitable Consumers while ignoring Dead End consumers.

Alliance iTeams heuristic algorithms will also be able to offer analytics into the reasoning behind its differentiation between a Profitable Consumer and a Dead End consumer. The AI marketing solution offers insights into consumer behaviour whilst online, providing valuable data on which, to base your marketing campaign.

The AI Interactive point-of-marketing app further adds to your marketing arsenal, as a multi-solution based dashboard. The AI app acts as the command centre for your entire marketing operation including budget, demographics, campaign direction, analytics, target base and consumer insights.

Alliance iTeam

The idea behind Alliances That Work iTeam is to streamline your business and drive sales by enhancing the sales, training, statistics and marketing components of your company through one multi-solution based system. Also to reduce logistical expenditure and create multi-portal access to customer information and big date while providing high level security protocols and user restrictions where necessary. AI solutions optimize the level of in house training and sale production through psychographic analysis, pass/fail pattern correlations and advanced GPS tracking. The iTeam system will advance your social media accounts constructive contributions to your business and open up new markets through exploration of areas of potential consumer compatibility via advanced heuristic algorithms. The Cloud system will ensure that social media portals are operating on a two-way-conversational basis as oppose to a one-way system. Creating a dialogue with consumers rather than bombarding them with advertising, personalizes your business in the same way that face time with a sales representative does. Building business is about building trust.

The scalability and therefore the limitations of the cloud based system are limitless, Alliance iTeam is itself a “Live System”. While most systems generally have a two year life span, the iTeam browsers are constantly upgrading and mobile codes are continuously transforming. The entire system is in a state of perpetual improvement and solution exploration for problems that timeshare businesses are yet to encounter or conceive. Alliances That Work iTeam is quite simply far beyond the capabilities of any system available in the market today.

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