Phoenix Online Reputation Management Service

Phoenix Online Reputation Management

Phoenix Online Reputation Management Service

Phoenix Online Reputation Management ServicePhoenix Online Reputation Management is the latest service offered by Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions. The newest addition to the steadily growing arsenal of industry specific products from the Alliance group is perhaps the most anticipated yet. Heather Guffin said that, “Phoenix, allows businesses that have been severely impacted by complaints, negative SEO, cyber vandalism, and negative reviews to repair their image and improve their online brand management”.

As the first point of contact with your customers will more than likely be through the internet, online brand management is an integral part of conveying the right message to your consumers. Heather Guffin commented on Phoenix Online Reputation Management “You have to ask yourself, how do my customers find my business, and what do they see once they have found it… what are complaints, or negative content really costing my company?”

Why Online Brand Management?

How you appear in search engines in terms of reputation, visibility, and client feedback will more than likely be the defining factor in whether or not a person chooses to trust your company and buy your product. The online image of your brand quite literally is the face of your company, therefore online brand management is essential in order to project a face that denotes reliability and trust.

The evolution of the internet has meant that businesses along with their products are more accessible and visible than ever.  It also means that your brand image is more susceptible to damage and more fragile than ever. It is a frightening notion to know that practically anyone with enough patience and enthusiasm can quite literally tear a hole in the online reputation of your company if they want to.

Cyber Vandalism & Negative SEO

These days Cyber vandalism can be performed by anyone, from a disgruntled employee, competitor, or a poorly handled customer who is hell bent on destroying your online reputation. Most victim’s don´t even realize that they are being targeted for acts of negative SEO or cyber vandalism. In fact a shockingly large majority of businesses do not even monitor their online reputation.

Phoenix Online Reputation Management Service is ideal for new timeshare businesses wishing to create a pre-emptive barrier from negative content and cyber vandalism.

Negative SEO and acts of cyber vandalism such as fake complaints and reviews, spamming, or pointing low PR links at a competitors website, are a more common occurrence than most people think. Rather than investing in a costly SEO campaigns that require constant attention, some companies would rather just launch their own negative SEO initiative against their competitors.

Negative SEO requires a lot less skill and capital than actually managing a successful SEO campaign; therefore it’s more appealing to competitive businesses looking to get ahead by any means possible. Phoenix Online Reputation Management service enables businesses to protect the face of their company and/or repair their online reputation if needed. An additional feature of the service is tracking the source of negative content, which often leads to uncovering the real identity of anonymous cyber vandals or perpetrators of negative SEO.

The Phoenix Online Reputation Management service is an indispensable all-in-one tool for timeshare sales and marketing businesses looking to push down negative content, or for new businesses wanting to create a shield.

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Heather Guffin – Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions – ARDA World

At ARDA World 2014 Heather Guffin and Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions team members including Michael Martinez and Vicente Varela will be in attendance. Heather Guffin along with key-members of the Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions team will be in Las Vegas from the 6th - 10th of April. The annual timeshare gathering and expo attracts almost 3,000 vacation industry professionals from over 30 countries around the globe.

Heather Guffin believes that ARDA World is a perfect platform to showcase the latest products that Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions has developed to round out their already impressive portfolio of solutions such as:

  • Responsive Web Designs – Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions programmers develop websites that are tablet and mobile device compatible, user-friendly, cost efficient, easy-to-manage, and SEO friendly.
  • Mobile Applications – Marketing apps compatible on mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones allow your sales team to project your product in an authentic and interactive presentation. Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions mobile apps are already making an impact in active sales rooms throughout North America.
  • Graphic Design – The world class team of graphic designers at Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions establish and convey the brand identity of clients whilst allowing them to visually engage their target audience.
  • Phoenix Reputation Management – Managing your online reputation is one of the most important tasks that you can undertake to protect your brand image. Negative content can be conjured up by anyone these days and acts of cyber vandalism can be combatted using Phoenix reputation management.
  • Association of Timeshare Recyclers – The ATR is a non-profit organization with a primary mission to find, create and promote timeshare exit strategies that work for the timeshare industry as a whole. The ATR aims to support the continued success and growth of the timeshare industry via aiding and protecting the interests of the secondary market.


Speak to Michael Martinez (ATR Vice President of Business Development) at booth #824 during ARDA World to learn more about the Association of Timeshare Recyclers. Booth #824 will be a dual-purpose-display exhibiting products and services of both the ATR, and Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions and extending people the opportunity to gain a better insight into the two companies.

Visit booth #824 to speak with Vicente Varela (Alliance Chief Operations Officer) about the latest solutions and initiatives currently being launched by Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions.

Heather Guffin will no doubt we working the room and floating between the two exhibits

Cloud systems for timeshare businesses

Cloud Systems for Timeshare Businesses

Cloud Systems for Timeshare Businesses

Cloud systems for timeshare businesses

Cloud systems for timeshare businesses like Alliance iTeam represent the future. The future of the timeshare industry is not just dependent upon increasing the general fluidity of the industry to allow greater flexibility to owners but also the willingness of sales and marketing businesses to break free of the restraints of traditional computer systems.

Timeshare Business + Cloud Systems = More

Cloud computing systems have been adopted by hundreds of major sales and marketing businesses, though the industry still seems a hesitant to adopt cloud systems for timeshare businesses as superior alternatives to analogue computing models. Timeshare businesses can benefit greatly from the advantages offered by cloud systems.

Cloud Systems for Timeshare Businesses

  • Greater Economies of Scale – Sales and Marketing businesses of the timeshare industry can increase volume output and productivity with a smaller work-force. Those same companies can also witness drops in project, product and unit cost by switching to the cloud.
  • Streamlining of Daily Operations. Cloud computing provides a level of efficiency that traditional computing systems are simply unable to provide, meaning that timeshare businesses can better access information, execute operations and communicate with using less resources and people.
  • Expenditure Reduction on Infrastructure – Perhaps the most appealing aspect of cloud systems for timeshare businesses is that a third party supplies all the infrastructure that a timeshare business could possibly need. Therefore cloud hosts eliminate perhaps the most costly component of running a business in the digital era.
  • Workforce Mobilization and Interconnection – Timeshare businesses can enjoy the benefits of virtualization of not just their office but also their workforce. Cloud hosts allow authorized access of information via web enabled devices meaning that your sales team can stay connected, up-to-date and available no matter where they are.
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction- As cloud computing platforms automate software maintenance such as updates, upgrades and licensing, timeshare businesses can focus on the business itself rather than allocating personnel and expenses to logistics.
  • Dynamic Training Platforms – Cloud platforms such as Alliance iTeam provide dynamic platforms for in-house training. Due to task automation the learning curve is reduced and there is less need to allocate training personnel to guide new sales team members through the sales process as the system automates this process for you.
  • Greater Project Overview - The benefits of cloud systems for timeshare businesses such as instant accessibility to real-time data and statistics allows greater project overview and overall control over a timeshare company’s business.
  • Improve Flexibility – Switching over to the cloud gives sales and marketing businesses of the timeshare industry greater control over their operations and more flexibility in terms of mobility and accessibility compared to businesses running traditional computing systems.

Read more articles about cloud systems for timeshare businesses and the future of cloud computing in the Alliances That Work press-release.

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Heather Guffin

Heather Guffin

Heather Guffin

Heather Guffin is the founder and present President & CEO of Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions. Heather achieved a Heather GuffinBachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Washington in 1994.

During 2005 Heather Guffin took on the bilingual role of Assistant Sales Director for the highly successful and well established timeshare resort chain. Heather’s vision and sales innovation quickly became apparent and by 2006 the timeshare industry giant had recognized her substantial sales achievements and decided to cultivate Heather’s potential by promoting her to the position of Project Director.

Founder, President & CEO

During her five year duration as Project Director, Heather Guffin developed and led a high-performance experimental sales team in generating timeshare revenue by targeting prospects that were considered unqualified by industry standards. Heather propelled non-traditional revenue from zero to $8 million annually in the first year and to $28 million annually over a 5-year period by leading all day-to-day sales and marketing operations including human resources, contracts, payroll, marketing and sales budgets, training, and closing sales. The mass customer activation and exponential revenue growth that the company experienced as a result of Heather’s efforts from 2005 onwards set a new bench mark for the company. At the end of this period Heather relinquished her role as Project Director and parted ways with her former employer to pursue new goals and carve out her own niche in the industry.

Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions

In 2008 Heather Guffin created Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions to offer timeshare industry specific solutions to sales and marketing businesses. Alliance solutions encompasses an image of an industry where timeshare businesses possess the technological capacity and resources to navigate a fast paced market and meet the needs of an ever more demanding consumer base and a perpetually evolving digital sales floor. The latest Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions product, Alliance iTeam, represents a multidimensional cloud solution that enhances key areas of timeshare companies by optimizing training, statistics, sales and marketing components of timeshare businesses. Alliance iTeam is the only cloud solution of its kind that has been specifically developed for the industry and not only provides a versatile cloud platform for timeshare businesses to streamline their operations and grow profits from, but represents the future of sales and marketing in the timeshare industry.

Considering her considerable experience, accomplishments and vision within the timeshare industry, Heather Guffin often speaks at timeshare events and related expos where her segments are viewed as educational, informative, and as thought provoking insights into the future of timeshare sales systems, techniques and solutions. Heather’s acquired knowledge and insight as a Project Director into the drawbacks of traditional sales strategies and advantages of new age approaches to the sales process makes her a fitting addition to any conversation into the future of sales systems and techniques and their place in the timeshare industry.

Visit Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions to discover more about how Heather Guffin ishelping to change the direction of the timeshare industry’s future, through cloud based solutions.

Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions

Future of Cloud Computing

Future of Cloud Computing

Future of Cloud Computing

A large majority of companies around the globe are steadily diverting their business operations away from traditional computing models and locals servers and into the cloud. Either through public, private or hybrid clouds businesses are succumbing to the multiple advantages offered by cloud computing.

The autonomous nature of cloud computing enables a company’s work-force access to data wherever and whenever they need it allowing businesses more time to focus on business rather than IT maintenance and operational logistics. Making the transition to the cloud includes a multitude of real-world benefits such as:

  • Scalability of IT resources without additional infrastructure investments
  • Automation of IT maintenance
  • Affordable and fixed monthly payments
  • Instant global access to data and overall greater accessibility
  • Versatile testing and training platforms
  • Cost and expenditure reductions

Security Misconceptions about Cloud Computing A common argument and misconception about cloud computing is that essentially you are surrendering control of your data over to a third party company. This has led many to believe that data stored in the cloud is more susceptible to theft as third-party storage systems present a security breach risk as hackers view them as high value targets. Interestingly enough the opposite is true, as companies who specialize in cloud systems spend a large amount of time and resources on data security. The truth is that the sheer amount of resources that cloud providers are able to allocate towards security and data protection is far beyond the capabilities that small or even medium sized businesses are able to devote to security. Cloud Computing in 2014 2014 will be an even bigger year for cloud computing with more businesses set to adopt the cloud, its exponential growth will continue. What makes cloud computing so appealing isn’t just the fact that it stream lines your business it is the immense scalability that comes along with it. Here are just a few things that cloud users can look forward to in 2014:

  • Rise of Hybrid Clouds – 2014 will see a substantial increase in the sophistication and flexibility offered by hybrid clouds. Users will be able to enjoy the cost effective benefits of public clouds while taking advantage of the powerful security and operational advantages offered by private clouds.
  • GAAS (Graphics as a Service) – In 2014 a standard HTML5 browsers will be sufficient enough for end users to run cloud based graphic technologies without the associated infrastructure previously required to do so. Just another way that cloud computing is stream-lining business.
  • Cloud Identity Management Solutions – Though many misconceptions about cloud security have been debunked, it is still a hot topic. Cloud Identity Management Solutions will take cloud security to the next level in 2014, allowing much greater control
  • Proactive Application Monitoring – Proactive Application Monitoring technology is becoming widespread among businesses as it becomes more readily available. But in 2014 advancements in predictive technology and software will further optimize this technology making Proactive Application Monitoring more robust, accurate and an integral part of business operation, allowing disaster to be foreseen and adverted thereby mitigating system damage. This prevents downtime and makes companies safer and more reliable.
  • Centralized Data – Centralized data is the future of cloud computing, allowing companies to build immense databases. Patient care is improvable with centralized data within immense databases.

Future of Cloud Computing Trending cloud technologies and the mass acceptance and adoption of cloud systems indicates that the future is bright for cloud computing. More and more companies are realizing that in order to stay ahead of the competition, staying up-to-date and implementing the latest cloud applications and technological developments is essential to maintaining a sharp edge in a highly competitive market. Cloud systems allow businesses to complete tasks faster and in a more efficient fashion, while increasing security, decreasing expenditure and improving productivity.

By Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions