Why Tablets Are Awesome

Why Tablets Are Awesome

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Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions takes a look at the benefits and advantages of tablet computers. This article gives you ten reasons why you need a tablet in your life. If you don’t own a tablet it is probably because you are yet to discover the added value tablets bring to every day life. Whether for business use, or just plain entertainment during your down time, the benefits and advantages of tablets streamline your day to day activities.

“Tablets are the present days representation of the pasts inconceivable future, which makes tablets super cool”

Ten reasons why you need a tablet in you life

  1. Sharing photos on tablets is not only easy but also fun. The interactive nature of displaying photos on tablets makes the whole experience much more dynamic and enjoyable. This particular benefit of tablets crosses over to presentation and more precisely the people who depend on presentations to sell products. Timeshare, real estate and other mobile sales personnel should all be capitalizing on the benefits and advantages of tablets. Tablets represent an interactive mobile platform from which to instantly present your product to your target audience.
  2. E-readers love the benefits and advantages of tablets. Large high resolutions screens makes tablets great e-readers. The ability to store multiple books, download PDFs and a bright full colour display is yet another reason why you need a tablet in your life.
  3. Another advantage of tablets are the travel benefits that they provide. Whipping out a tablet at the airport or bus station to check your ticket or travel itinerary is substantially easier than firing up a lap top. Tablets are much lighter and also take up considerably less space than most laptops. They are compatible with Wi-Fi and 3G networks which makes accessing the internet possible almost anywhere.
  4. Tablets are like a digital Swiss army knife which basically means their possibilities are endless. You can check your Gmail or Facebook accounts, breeze through your calender or use a calculator to convert currency on a big full colour screen whilst sitting in a cafe.
  5. For basic digital activities tablets are superior to most laptops in terms of sheer convenience and mobility. Unless you need to do a lot of typing, a tablet is a great versatile substitute for a laptop. 
  6. Tablets  do not freeze or crash that often. Especially compared to most laptops or PCs. Even in the off chance that they did freeze or crash, simply restarting them is enough to get the ball rolling again.
  7. A Tablet is cheaper than a notebook or new laptop.
  8. Tablets are great for presentations and sharing photos, which also makes them great versatile tools for meetings. Not only do tablets allow you to present relative information quickly during a meeting, but also record and take notess.
  9. In terms of convenience and practicality, its hard to match tablets when its comes to watching movies. If you feel like watching “Fight club” by the swimming pool, or keeping the kids quiet during a road trip with “Surfs up” then the tablet is your weapon of choice for entertainment. Tablets have a large amount of storage space which allows for multiple movies and thousands of songs to be stored on your convenient little entertainment device.
  10. Tablets are super cool. Imagine 15 years ago if somebody told you that one day you would be able to watch movies on something the size of a note pad. That this futuristic device would have a high resolution screen that was activated by touch and that you would be able to access something called the “Internet” from practically anywhere. That you could store thousands of photos and listen to and endless list of music without having to carry around 20 kg worth of CD’s. You would have probably laughed them out of your house and continued rewinding the movie “Highlander” on your videocassette record. Tablets are the present days representation of the pasts inconceivable future, which makes tablets super cool.

If you were previously on the fence on the subject… then perhaps after reading about the ten benefits and advantages of tablets, you have a better idea of their real-life value, and why you need a tablet in your life. Further related articles of interest from the Alliances That Work press release sections include  “iPad versus Android” and many others.






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